100% Credit Bonus On MT5 Accouns - Weltrade

The credit bonus offered by the trading company is only applicable to MT5 Micro and MT5 Premium trading accounts. This bonus is given after a direct deposit or funds transfer from Safe or another trading account.

Associated Bonus Link: 100% Credit Bonus

If a withdrawal is made during the promotion period and then a deposit is made to either of the eligible trading accounts, the credit bonus will be given for the difference between the deposit and the withdrawal. The maximum amount of the credit bonus on each trading account cannot exceed $10,000 or its equivalent. This offer cannot be combined with other bonuses or promotions offered by the company.

To get a 100% credit bonus from Weltrade, you can follow these steps:

  • Open an account.
  • Deposit at least 200 USD/EUR to your trading account.
  • Automatically receive a free 100% credit incentive on your payment.

Trading Platforms:

  • MT5 Micro, MT5 Premium

Deposit method:


*Read the Terms & Conditions Carefully.