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Gain the opportunity to win a $3,000 jackpot every week and jump-start your 2024! Make the most out of the new year by taking this chance to win the bonus prize. Invest and match the closing price to receive extra rewards each week!

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For 13 weeks, ATFX is offering the Jackpot game, ending on the 31st of March. Don't miss the opportunity to win the Jackpot!

ATFX High-Prize in 2024

Existing or new ATFX clients with MT4 account(s) already set up under "ATFXGM8-Live" Server before the promotion period are eligible.

When trading during the campaign, orders of 0.1 lots or larger can be included.

In total, 13 weeks are included in the competition, each offering a bonus of US$3,000 which is distributed among the winners. Those who succeed in matching their Closing Price of their trading order with the Lucky Number announced by ATFX on social media will be the ones getting the bonus. The amount of the bonus is dependent on the number of winners every week. If there are no winners in a certain week, then the bonus rolls over to the next one.

An email notification will be sent out to triumphant parties each Wednesday. To take possession of the reward, a 15-second video must be sent within 5 days, showcasing their success and a favorable comment about ATFX. If there is no response, the prize will be taken away.

The prize money will be sent to the triumphant individual's MT4 account within a week of receiving the video of the winner.

Participants in the ATFX Jackpot have the opportunity to attempt to guess the winning number and receive amazing rewards. Enter the regular jackpot and boost your likelihood of achieving great prizes.

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