Monaxa 100% Deposit Bonus of up to 1000 USD

Monaxa broker has introduced a new promotion, the 100% Deposit Bonus, that offers traders a flexible bonus of up to $1000. By depositing a minimum of $250 USD, traders can double their trading power with this limited-time offer. 

Direct Offer Link: 100% Deposit Bonus

The bonus amount is directly proportional to the deposited amount and can reach a maximum of $1000 USD. However, profits can only be withdrawn after meeting the required trading volume. Monaxa broker is known for its generous bonuses, helping many traders become successful in the industry. This promotion is an opportunity for traders to gain valuable experience and knowledge to enhance their trading potential.

This promotion offers a range of attractive facilities, including a 100% Deposit Bonus and a maximum bonus limit of $1000. Traders can also benefit from leverage, free margin, and zero fees, as well as multiple deposit options. The platform ensures highly maintained security to protect traders' investments. This promotion is available for a limited time, and it is visible to all traders. Take advantage of these facilities while they last to maximize your trading potential with Monaxa broker.

To achieve the 100% Deposit Bonus promotion with Monaxa broker, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the brokers platform.
  2. Verify your trading account to gain access to all the features and benefits.
  3. Make a minimum deposit of $250 to receive the bonus.
  4. Begin your Forex trading journey with the added bonus funds.
  5. Make profits through successful trades and reach the required trading volume.
  6. Finally, withdraw your profits and continue trading to further maximize your potential earnings.

Terms & Conditions:

The broker has applied a few Terms & Conditions in the campaign which you are required to read and understand with full concern to make the trading smooth and Faster.