ForexChief Investing $1000 in a Free Fresh Funds

It is no easy task to bring in investors when trading, so we are here to assist you in bringing your trading ideas to fruition. For experienced traders with a good record of trading, this promotion is ideal. Start your own Investment Fund and acquire the first investor with $1000.

Connected Bonus Link: $100 Free Bonus and $1000 Investment Funds

Strategies to obtain an investment of $1000

  1. To create a Public Fund with a Manager's remuneration up to 20%, visit the Investment Fund page.
  2. Before the Fund can be seen in the rating and available for Investors, data verification and a minimum deposit of $100 must be done.
  3. To receive an additional $1000, send a request to [email protected] or create a ticket, attaching proof of successful trading experience (e.g. trading statement from another broker or a screenshot from trustable investment resources).
  4. Please keep in mind that the $1000 is added from a real Investor who can take back their investments at any time. Thus, to keep them interested, the Manager should show a profitable and stable strategy.

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