Top-Rated Vietnam Forex No Deposit Bonus for Beginners

Discover the best Forex no deposit bonuses available in Vietnam to kickstart your trading journey without risking your own funds. Learn how to take advantage of these offers today.

In the fast-paced world of online trading, the allure of Forex trading has captivated the imagination of many in Vietnam, offering a gateway to potentially lucrative markets without the steep upfront investment. The introduction of Forex no deposit bonuses has revolutionized how beginners embark on this journey, allowing them to dive into trading with zero risk to their own capital. These incentives not only provide a platform for learning and experimentation but also serve as a testament to the industry's commitment to making Forex trading accessible to a broader audience. The Vietnam forex no deposit bonus schemes are particularly appealing, offering newcomers an invaluable opportunity to gain real market experience without the initial financial outlay.

This article delves into the top-rated Vietnam forex no deposit bonuses, highlighting key offerings that stand out for beginners. Through an exploration of brokers like XM Broker, FBS, InstaForex, and Tickmill, readers will gain insights into various no deposit bonus schemes available in the Vietnamese market. Each section will provide a detailed overview of the bonuses, shedding light on their features, benefits, and how they can serve as a cornerstone for a nascent trading career. By presenting a comprehensive guide to the forex free bonus no deposit opportunities, this piece aims to equip novices with the knowledge to select the most suitable Vietnam forex no deposit bonus, setting the stage for a potentially rewarding trading journey ahead.

XM Broker No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Details

XM provides a $30 trading bonus to new clients, which is credited to their accounts immediately upon the first account opening. This bonus is non-withdrawable but can be used for trading purposes, allowing clients to experience XM's trading environment without any initial deposit.

How to Claim

To claim the $30 trading bonus, new clients must first verify their account by providing relevant identification documents. Following verification, clients can claim the bonus through a simple process that includes clicking a designated button and completing SMS verification.

Terms and Conditions

The $30 trading bonus is available to first-time account openers and must be claimed within 30 days of account opening. It is important to note that any withdrawal of funds from the trading account will result in a proportional removal of the trading bonus. XM reserves the right to alter or terminate the bonus terms and conditions at any time, and may withdraw the bonus if it suspects any abuse of the promotion. Additionally, the trading bonus cannot be transferred between accounts and is strictly for trading purposes only.

FBS No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Details

FBS offers a variety of enticing bonuses for traders, including the FBS Level Up Bonus which provides a $70 no-deposit bonus that can be increased to $140 under certain conditions. Additionally, the FBS Quick Start bonus offers $100 to start trading without any initial deposit, providing a robust introduction for newcomers to the trading world.

How to Claim

To claim the FBS Level Up Bonus, traders must register and verify their email address, link their Facebook account to their FBS Personal Area, and download the FBS Trading Broker mobile app to increase the bonus to $140. For the Quick Start Bonus, traders need to open a free bonus account in the FBS Trader platform.

Terms and Conditions

The Level Up Bonus allows traders to trade for 20 days with the possibility to withdraw profits up to the original bonus amount after trading at least 5 lots, provided no more than five trading days are missed. It's important to note that the initial bonus amount cannot be withdrawn, and specific trading conditions must be met to benefit from the bonuses.

InstaForex No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Details

InstaForex offers a No Deposit Bonus, providing a fixed amount credited to clients' accounts immediately after registration. This enables new traders to start trading without any initial deposit, offering initial capital as a gift from the company. Importantly, this bonus is available only to new clients who have not previously received any bonuses from InstaForex and can be credited only once.

How to Claim

To claim the No Deposit Bonus, clients must open a live trading account and complete a registration form. Upon providing the necessary details via email, the bonus is automatically credited to their accounts. InstaForex also offers the opportunity for traders to engage in trading immediately with the bonus, enhancing their trading experience without upfront investment.

Terms and Conditions

The No Deposit Bonus from InstaForex comes with specific terms that facilitate trading without financial risk. Traders can test strategies or the efficiency of robots on live accounts, not just demo ones. The bonus, along with any profits made, can be withdrawn if all conditions of the bonus agreement are met, emphasizing a commitment to providing a real trading advantage. However, it's crucial to note that accepting the bonus does not create any obligation to compensate for any potential loss of bonus funds.

Tickmill No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Details

Tickmill offers a compelling $30 Welcome Account to new traders, allowing them to engage in trading without any initial deposit. This account is instantly credited with the $30 bonus upon registration, providing a risk-free start to explore Tickmill's high-quality trading environment. The profit earned from this bonus is entirely the trader's to keep, making it an attractive option for those new to Forex trading.

How to Claim

To claim the $30 Welcome Account, new clients need to complete a registration process on Tickmill's website. After registering, the bonus is added automatically, allowing traders to start trading immediately. This process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that even beginners can easily navigate and take advantage of the offer.

Terms and Conditions

The $30 Welcome Account is available only to new clients from non-restricted countries and is valid for trading for 60 days after activation. Once this period expires, the trading capabilities of the account will be disabled, but the account remains accessible for an additional 14 days to allow the withdrawal of profits. To transfer the profits from the Welcome Account to a personal wallet, clients must first deposit a minimum of $100 into their Tickmill wallet. It's important to note that the initial $30 bonus cannot be withdrawn and is intended solely for trading purposes. Tickmill ensures that the terms and conditions are clear to maintain the integrity and fairness of this promotion.


Through an insightful journey into the realm of Forex trading in Vietnam, we have explored the paramount role of no deposit bonuses in providing a secure and risk-free entry point for budding traders. The comprehensive guide spanning brokers like XM Broker, FBS, InstaForex, and Tickmill has illuminated the different facets of these incentives, highlighting how they serve not only as a platform for novice traders to hone their skills but also as a beacon to attract a broader audience to the forex market. These offerings underscore the industry's commitment to democratizing the trading landscape, allowing newcomers to embark on their trading journeys without the initial financial hurdle.

The significance of selecting the most apt Vietnam forex no deposit bonus cannot be overstated, as it has the potential to lay a robust foundation for a promising trading career. By tapping into these opportunities, beginners not only gain valuable market experience but also engage in a practical learning process that is vital for developing effective trading strategies. As this exploration concludes, it becomes clear that the journey into Forex trading, supported by these no deposit bonuses, is not just about navigating financial markets but also about embracing the learning curve that comes with it. In this light, the Vietnam forex no deposit bonus schemes stand out as a critical stepping stone, inviting aspiring traders to start their adventure in the Forex world, enriched with insights and devoid of financial risk.


1. Which forex broker offers the best no deposit bonus?
Tickmill is highly regarded as the best no-deposit bonus forex broker. Other notable mentions include XM, known for its superior online and mobile trading experience, and JustMarkets and Kaje Forex, each offering a $30 welcome bonus for first-time traders.

2. What are the best forex trading platforms for beginners?
For those new to forex trading, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are recommended. These platforms are widely recognized for their simplicity and ease of use, making them ideal for beginners.

3. How can I receive a $30 bonus from Roboforex?
To obtain the $30 bonus from Roboforex, follow these steps:

  • Open an account suitable for both cent and standard MT4/MT5 with USD or EUR as the base currency.
  • Complete the verification process for your identity, address, and phone number in your Members Area.
  • Deposit funds into your account.

4. Does ZeTradex offer a no deposit bonus?
Yes, ZeTradex provides a no deposit bonus of 100 USD to new traders, allowing them to begin trading without financial risk.