WinsorFX Forex Demo Trade Competition for Traders

WinsorFX Forex Demo Trade Competition is an exciting opportunity for traders to showcase their skills and compete for incredible prizes. Participants trade on a forex demo account, allowing risk-free practice while vying for the top spots. With a user-friendly trading platform and comprehensive educational resources, traders of all levels can sharpen their strategies. The Forex Demo Trade Competition fosters a competitive yet supportive environment, motivating traders to push their limits and learn from industry experts. It's a chance to gain valuable experience and potentially kickstart a successful forex trading career.

What are the options?

First 25 Prizes will go to the top 25 finishers in each round! Traders have the chance to put their abilities to the test and perhaps make some extra money. All clients are eligible to enter the contest. Prepare to compete for the top spot and display your trading prowess.

TOP 25: The top 25 participants in each round of the Forex Demo Trade Competition will receive guaranteed prizes.

CASH PRIZES: Each winner will be awarded $3000 per round of the Forex Demo Trade Competition. Prize amount for the top 25 winners are given below: