Enjoy NordFX Super Lottery 200 prizes

NordFX announces the start of a new Super Lucky Draw event on March 1st. During the event, 200 cash prizes ($250, $500, and $1,250) as well as two super prizes ($10,000 each) will be awarded. The prize pool for the tournament was $100,000. The NordFX massive draw differs from a trader competition in that players do not need to generate remarkable trading results in the financial markets to qualify.

Direct Contest Link:200 prizes and 2 Super Prizes of $10,000.

Contest For: New And Pro Account Holder.

Contest Time: Limited Timing.

Participation is simple: 

  • Do you already have a Pro account? Simply top it up and keep trading!
  • Do you have an account? Open it, fund it, and begin trading!

Contest Terms:

  • Regular Bonus Terms will Applied.