Just Global Markets Offer of $30 with No Required Deposit

Receive a Forex Welcome Bonus of $30 from Just Global Markets. Begin trading without making a deposit and enhance your trading opportunities with this thrilling promotion. Enroll now!

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Just Global Markets is providing a $30 bonus without requiring any deposit to initiate your journey in forex trading. Take advantage of this thrilling opportunity by signing up now and utilizing this offer to enhance your trading capabilities without having to invest initially. Utilize this chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills in the forex market without risking your personal capital. Don't let this opportunity slip away to jumpstart your forex trading career with Just Global Markets.

Steps to Receive a $30 No Deposit Bonus

Start a Live Trading Account

Once you have finished a straightforward registration procedure, you will be granted entry to the Back Office.

Create a Live Trading Account

Upon opening a Welcome Account, you will have access to a complimentary $30 bonus. To initiate the account, simply provide your phone number.

Initiate live trading

In order to meet the requirement, you must trade a minimum of 5 lots within a span of 30 days. The gain or loss from each trade must be at least 6 pips (equivalent to 60 points).

Move your trading earnings

Move your money from your Welcome Free Account to a Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, or Raw Spread account.

Rules for Getting a Welcome Bonus Without Deposit in Forex

The "Welcome Account" is a specific type of account that offers users a $30 No Deposit Bonus for Forex trading.

Traders who are already registered are not eligible to create a $30 Free Forex Welcome account.

Every customer has the opportunity to create a single Welcome account and receive the Free Welcome Bonus of $30 only on one occasion.

It is not allowed to open multiple Bonus accounts, even if they are registered under the name of the Client's relatives. If the Company has a reasonable suspicion that multiple accounts are being controlled by one person or a group of individuals working together, all of those accounts will be permanently blocked and any funds in the $30 Welcome Accounts will be withheld.

In order to receive the $30 No Deposit Welcome Bonus, a trader must first create a Back Office account and activate a Welcome account. The Bonus amount will then be added to the active trading account without the need for manual processing.