FBS offers a 300% bonus on trade and aid In Ramadan

FBS broker has launched a new promotion called "Trade & Aid," which offers a 300% Forex Deposit Bonus. This bonus is unique as it is also a charity bonus, meaning that traders can use their profits to help people in need.

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To be eligible for the bonus, traders need to deposit over $100 and trade for one month. The bonus provides multiple opportunities for traders, allowing them to make a difference in peoples lives. By donating profits to FBS-recognized charities, traders can help the helpless. The promotion runs from April 5th to May 5th, with the results published on May 12th. This month is a month of blessings, so seize the opportunity to make people happy.

How do I get the opportunity to begin the bonus?

  • Create a Trade & Aid account.
  • Make a payment of at least $100.
  • Trade and Aid Production.

Traders can enjoy multiple facilities with the Trade & Aid bonus, including a 300% trading bonus. This bonus is unique as it is also a charity 300% Forex deposit bonus that allows traders to make a positive impact on peoples lives. By representing those in need, traders can spread happiness. Additionally, traders will have access to the latest trading equipment and a highly experienced broker to assist them in their trading journey. The Trade & Aid bonus is available for a limited time, and all traders can take advantage of this opportunity to improve their trading experience.

Terms & Conditions:

To ensure fair and transparent trading, the broker has incorporated their General Terms & Conditions into the Trade & Aid promotion. It is essential for traders to carefully read and understand these terms to maximize their trading performance during the promotional period. By adhering to the Terms & Conditions, traders can enjoy a smooth trading experience and avoid any potential issues that may arise. So, it is highly recommended for traders to review the Terms & Conditions and comply with them to make the most of the Trade & Aid bonus.