OctaFX 50% Forex Trading Bonus Offer

Unlock the power of OctaFX with our 50% Forex Trading Bonus Offer. Boost your trading potential and maximize your profits with this exclusive promotion. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity - sign up now and take advantage of our generous bonus to enhance your trading experience.

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OctaFX's exclusive 50% bonus offer! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to maximize your earnings and enhance your trading experience. Don't miss out on this limited-time promotion - sign up today and start making the most out of your forex trading journey with OctaFX.

What 50% deposit bonus do you offer?

You can claim 10%, 30%, or 50% bonus on each deposit. Bigger bonuses become available during holidays and other limited-time events.

How can I claim the 50% bonus?

There are two ways to claim a bonus. You can:

  • ·         activate it manually in your profile after making a deposit
  • ·         check the 'Apply further bonuses automatically' option in Settings.

The first option is recommended as you can pick bonuses you are able to afford. Keep in mind that you need to have enough funds to sustain your bonuses before you complete them. processed every hour on a daily basis

50% Withdrawable Forex Bonus Promotion rules

Limited time events may suggest higher bonus amounts up to 100% Withdrawable deposit bonus.

The bonus cannot be added to internal transfer deposits and to deposits from contests/promotions, etc. unless stated otherwise.

The Client can only claim a new bonus if the sum of this Withdrawable bonus and the amount of all other bonus funds in the relevant trading account is less than the amount of the Client’s funds (excluding bonuses) in this account’s free margin.

It is advised to claim a Withdrawable bonus right after your deposit is credited to your trading account.

The Withdrawable bonus shall be credited into your account and locked until the volume requirements are met. After the required volume is completed, the Withdrawable bonus will be deducted from your MT4 | MT5 credit and simultaneously deposited into your balance. The operation will be processed every hour on a daily basis.